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Our lawyers offer in-depth expertise in employment law and human resources because we understand the growing need for our clients. In the field of employment law, our law firm has specialists at the highest level, offering detailed knowledge of the legal regulations combined with practical experience and know-how gained over many years of practice.

Our law firm provides services not only to employers but also to employees, and therefore understands issues from both ends of the spectrum. We emphasize the proper setup and analysis of the relationship between the two parties, both in terms of the employment relationship and the business cooperation between the company and the person working with it.

Our experts can advise you on work rules, wage guidelines and OSH regulations. We will go through all the internal settings with you in detail so that you have as much control as possible. We also understand the need to terminate problem employees or change the structure of the employer, and therefore the need to lay off an entire department.

Closely intertwined with employment law is also the issue of employment of foreigners (employment contracts of foreigners, foreign medical examinations, employee cards, posting within the EU, etc.) and the possible overlapping of functions and remuneration of management and key people at the employer. The overlapping of functions is very often incorrectly regulated by employers, which risks invalidating such contracts.

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František Hrabánek

Lawyer, partner

We offer the following advice in the field of employment law:

Preparation of new employment contracts or their revision or optimization.

Preparation of the employer's internal and payroll directives or their revision or optimization.

The legal setting of cooperation between entrepreneurs, i.e. setting up cooperation in such a way that it is not a quasi-system.

Preparation of the OHS directive or its revision or optimization.

Changes and termination of employment (agreements, termination of employment, immediate termination, etc.).

Negotiation and preparation, including revision, of collective agreements.

Legal advice in connection with the Labour Inspectorate.

Negotiations with trade unions and trade union federations.

Legal advice to employment agencies, in particular setting up, obtaining an employment agency licence, cooperation with the user or responsibility.

Representing employers and employees in litigation.

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I'm here for you!

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