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In the field of insolvency, we provide comprehensive legal services in cooperation with tax and economic advisors to provide our clients with maximum legal service. Our teams provide clients with top-notch and fast advice in insolvency and bankruptcy law.

Entrepreneurs are likely to encounter insolvency and bankruptcy law in their business activities, either as a creditor or debtor. Our top experts have the unique ability to provide insolvency services in their entirety, combining knowledge of law, economics, business and tax.

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Jakub Hrabánek

Lawyer, partner

We provide the following advice to borrowers:

Analysis of the question when a person is bankrupt or threatened with bankruptcy, related advice on defending a company against bankruptcy and providing crisis management.

Protecting and defending against vexatious insolvency petitions filed with the insolvency court.

Preparation of insolvency petition.

Advice in connection with the so-called. pre-packaged reorganisation or precautionary restructuring.

Preparation of the terms of the moratorium.

Preparation of a reorganisation plan.

Negotiations with creditors, insolvency authorities (such as the creditors' committee), the insolvency court or the insolvency administrator.

Negotiating the terms and conditions for maintaining the companies' business activities.

Representation in insolvency proceedings, including bankruptcy, restructuring or reorganisation.

For lenders we offer:

Recovery of claims prior to the commencement of insolvency proceedings, including settlement agreements, set-offs or assignments of claims.

Applications for claims in insolvency proceedings.

Legal advice for secured and unsecured creditors, including control and monitoring insolvency register.

Legal advice in incidences disputes.

Control of the functioning of the insolvency administrator and creditor bodies, in particular the preparation of motions and proposals or communication with the insolvency court.

Representation at a meeting of creditors, e.g. review hearings, hearings on the form of bankruptcy rehabilitation (bankruptcy or reorganisation) and other creditor hearings.

Representation of the creditor at the creditors' committee, including representation at the creditor's proposal for the appointment of the creditors' committee.

Defence of creditors against unjustified claims of the insolvency administrator.

Assessment of measures and protection against future litigation, minimising the damage associated with the debtor's bankruptcy.

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Jakub Hrabánek

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