Transfer Agreement shareholding/shares

Our law firm provides comprehensive services in the transfer of shares in companies. The purchase or sale of shares is an important step for every entrepreneur, which must be properly handled legally. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of buying or selling
shares in companies.

Proper transfer documentation will ensure that your risks are minimized and you have all the comfort you need during the transaction. The correct formulation of the contract documentation will provide you with an undeniable business advantage.

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Tomáš Bodnar

Lawyer, partner

As standard, we provide the following advice on transactions:

Legal due diligence of the purchased shares, including the target company.

Negotiating with the counterparty to secure the most favourable terms for the client.

Preparation of all contract documentation.

Commenting on contractual documentation produced by the counterparty.

Assessment and settlement of encumbrances (e.g. liens) on the transferred share or shares.

Assistance in concluding contractual documentation.

Representation before the Commercial Register or the Central Securities Depository for the transfer of shares or stocks.

Enforcement of subsequent claims arising from contractual documentation.


Shareholders Agreement (SHA)

Our law firm is of the opinion that the right internal relations are essential for the successful functioning of a company. Our experts will be happy to help you set up internal relationships, i.e. relations between the company, shareholders, partners, as well as between partners or shareholders among themselves.

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František Hrabánek

Lawyer, partner

We will be happy to prepare the following for you:

Shareholders, Shareholders and Membership Agreements (SHAs).

Setting up preferred shares or stock or exchangeable and senior bonds.

Transfers, pledges and pre-emptive and other rights to shares and stock.

Internal regulations and option programmes (ESOPs).

Actions against members of the bodies, partners or shareholders.

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František Hrabánek

I'm here for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tomáš Bodnar

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