Establishment and administration companies.

Professional company formation and management is one of our clients’ priorities. For this reason, our lawyers are specialized in comprehensive legal advice in the field of commercial law and business companies (especially corporations). We provide legal advice in all aspects of society.

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František Hrabánek

Lawyer, partner

We provide our clients with the following legal advice when setting up a company:

Ideal form

Assessing and recommending the ideal form of the company to be formed, in particular whether to choose a limited liability company or a joint stock company Contact us

The process of establishing a company

We guide our clients through the entire process of incorporation of a company, i.e., (i) incorporation of a business corporation with a notary public, administration of the deposit, representation in the registration procedure or before the trade authorities, including communication with the bank for the establishment of a company account. Contact us

Relationship settings

Setting up relationships between individual subsidiaries and parent companies of clients, so-called. business group law, including group law. Contact us

Our legal experts will also be happy to advise you on the day-to-day management and operation of your company. Our legal advice in the management and operation of our clients' companies includes:

Setting up the management and administration structure of the business corporation, including rules of conduct of members of the bodies and related contractual documentation, proxy.

Amendment of the memorandum of association
or articles of association, change of registered office or change of managing directors.

Formation of special species
shares and shares.

Conversion of certificated securities
of book-entry securities

The holding and management of general meetings and meetings of other bodies of the company, or the decision of the sole shareholder or shareholder.

Payment of profits (dividends)
to partners or third parties
(e.g. to managing directors).

Contracts of office
with members of the company's bodies.

Increasing and decreasing
share capital.

Plans and implementation of transformations, restructurings or liquidations of companies.

The issue of common
joint ventures.

Equity and option

Structuring of legal
relations between persons
within the Group.

Furthermore, our experts can provide detailed experience with contentious corporate law matters. We provide legal services related to due diligence, disputes arising from the exercise of rights of majority and minority shareholders, shareholders and members.


Liquidation of the company.

In cases where our clients intend to voluntarily cease their business activities, we provide legal advice on liquidation of the company. The liquidation of the company constitutes a legal and
voluntary process in the dissolution of any company.

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Tomáš Bodnar

Lawyer, partner

In company liquidations we provide our clients with legal advice in:

General Assembly

Proceedings and proceedings of the general meeting deciding on the dissolution of the company and its entry into liquidation. Contact us

Liquidator of the company

Performance of the position of liquidator of the company. Contact us

Disposal phase

Carrying out the various stages of liquidation, in particular informing creditors and communicating with them, including communication with trade journal. Contact us

Liquidator's Report

Preparation of the liquidator's final report. Contact us

The liquidation of a company is the end of its operation and it is imperative that it is done professionally.


Transforming the company.

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most extensive and key specialisations of our law firm. We also have tax and accounting advisors available for our clients in mergers and acquisitions. Our experts will guide you through the entire M&A process.

The legal advisory services of our law firm include a full range of services related to mergers and acquisitions, in particular mergers, amalgamations, demergers and other company transformations…

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Tomáš Bodnar

Lawyer, partner

We provide the following legal advice when structuring M&A transactions or individual parts of transactions:


Transfers of companies, their plants (or parts thereof), or individual shares or interests, including leases or transfers of property. Contact us


Preparation of complete transaction documentation, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Contact us

Transaction structure

Analyzing and recommending the ideal structure of the transaction, in cooperation with tax and accounting advisors. Contact us


Real estate transactions (sale or purchase of residential or commercial buildings, land). Contact us


Communication with the notary and public authorities in the implementation of the transformation (merger, division, change of registered office or transfer of assets to a single shareholder), including the registration of the transferred real estate in the land register. Contact us

Cross-border transformations

Cross-border transformations. Contact us

General Meetings

Arranging and managing general meetings in a conversion or other transaction. Contact us


Relationships between controlled and controlling persons, report on relationships. Contact us


Setting up and working with start-ups. Contact us

Trade Register

Commercial Register and Land Registry. Contact us

When executing transactions, we focus on maximizing our clients' legal comfort and at minimizing risks. We take into account the different phases of a company's existence (start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises).


Legal due diligence.

A fundamental element in the decision-making process before the sale or purchase of a company or individual assets of a company (for example, real estate or plants) is their legal due diligence, so-called. due diligence. Legal due diligence is important for national and international transactions, through which the associated risks are thoroughly assessed.

Our law firm has extensive experience in legal due diligence, and we also provide tax, accounting and financial advisors as part of the due diligence process. In addition to a comprehensive legal due diligence, it is sometimes appropriate to conduct a partial legal due diligence.

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Jakub Hrabánek

Lawyer, partner

We specialise in legal due diligence in the following areas areas:


Functioning and compliance with legal regulations of the company's plants or their management. Contact us

Immovable things

Legal assessment of owned immovable property and related legal relations. Contact us


Private and bank financing, including bond programmes. Contact us

Labour law

Contact us


Contact us

Data protection and GDPR

Contact us

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I'm here for you!

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Jakub Hrabánek

I'm here for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

František Hrabánek

I'm here for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tomáš Bodnar

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